Creativity with a feel-good factor

This was the challenge facing our interior designer. We wanted to create a workspace that also has a touch of a living room. Furthermore, the goal is to bring our guests into contact with non-conformist things and to create a surprise effect. This room concept is intended to encourage lateral thinking and to allow new creative ideas to emerge. Therefore, our furnishings are thoughtfully and carefully selected.

Creativity also requires openness and one can open up with the familiar. Therefore, another important point of our room concept is to create it flexible and individualizable for our guests, so that a familiar environment can be created.

Our space impresses with its dynamism and diversity. The furnishings have been designed in such a way that both a strategy meeting and a product presentation can take place there. The furniture is flexibly configurable for our gutess.


Back to the roots – We love natural wood combined with industrial, rustic elements. This results in a combination of light, warm wood with pure white and gray tones. We also chose copper and mint green as color elements to lighten things up and give the room a fresh touch.